About Us

Who we are


Around for over 50 years as a B2B facilitator and consultant for forged and cast goods in Europe. We are still 100% family-owned and independent.


In our opinion, procurement should be easy! Therefore our mission is to facilitate the sourcing of industrial components and parts for our customers.


Our goal is to be the go-to address for the procurement of all your projects by building a vast network of suppliers. We want to provide our customers with the easiest and best solution for all their supply needs.


To provide a customer oriented service. To build long-lasting business partnerships, based on trust and respect. To put quality over quantity. To harbour a safe and respectful work-environment. To promote and ensure sustainability in business.

Company History

  • 1973

    The company was founded in 1973 by Mr.Erni in Locarno

  • Growth in the South

    INTEG comprises a vast network of Swiss and Italian companies

  • 1992
    New Swiss partnerships

    Increasing amounts of Swiss partners in the 90s

  • Second Generation

    The second generation takes over the business as CEO. New paths for the company.

  • 2012
    Growth in Germany

    Under the new CEO, INTEG opened the German market.

  • Third Generation

    A new generation is eager to explore new ways and build on old successes

257 Recurring customers
>20 Certified suppliers
>5000 Tons of material each year

10 European Countries