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At INTEG, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and our partners. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and support, every step of the way.

The name INTEG stems from the German word “Interessensgemeinschaft”, a community of interests. We represent the small- to medium sized suppliers in the world of forging, casting and machining and assist them by growing their potential market reach and their revenues.

Our customers also tremendously benefit from this approach – we bring a wide variety of highly specialised and skilled companies to the table that can satisfy your demand for custom made components and finished products.

We add tremendous value on either side of the equation. Many of our suppliers are not equipped to supply the whole range of products our customers require. As components become increasingly complex, a whole range of processing steps and machines are required for manufacturing of the final product. At INTEG, we dissect these complex processes and distribute the manufacturing steps onto the suppliers, allowing them to partake in the project and playing to their specific strengths.

At the same time, our customers benefit tremendously from this approach. INTEG provides them with finished and ready-to-assemble parts sourced from a wide pool of suppliers we manage. In doing so, we reduce the effort on the customer side and grant them access to specialised niche players, while only having to manage a single relationship. Further, we take every worry off your shoulders by organising every detail from the initial inquiry to the final delivery, customs clearance and quality attestation.

As a result of our ever-expanding network, at INTEG, we can provide a growing range of products, materials and services.

During all of our business activities, we are always guided by our company mission and values.


  • To provide our customers with top-notch forged and cast components for specific applications.
  • To promote our partner’s products and services on the international markets
  • To combine and manage various processing steps along the value chain to provide our customers with ready-to-install components.


  • To become the leading single-source supplier of specialized engineering components
  • To become the leader in the sustainable production and sourcing of engineering products
  • To become the best platform solution for every customer’s supply-chain needs


  • Founded 50 years ago as a one-man consultancy
  • Fully family-owned
  • 100% self-funded


  • Partners first, company second
  • Always act with the best intent
  • Good business is where everyone is satisfied
  • Think, before you act.

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