INTEG is more than just a supplier. We support your projects from conception, through manufacturing and quality assurance, to final shipment. Our company is known for our expertise and excellence in providing forged and cast products for use in the oil and gas, energy, renewables, general machinery, and many other industries. For any project, INTEG is your reliable partner for the past 50 years, every step of the way.

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Supply chain management in the 21st century is a complex and difficult task, with disruptions such as pandemics, conflicts, diplomatic tensions, and port closures causing increasing insecurity and supply shortages. Maintaining stable and diversified supply chains in this environment requires constant attention. INTEG is here to help you address these challenges. By overseeing a constantly expanding network of suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics partners, we offer a unique solution to current and future supply chain issues.

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Company Jubilee – INTEG Turns 50

We proudly look back on 50 years of INTEG


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