Our Products & Services

Our specialty: forged steel

Forgings are our main expertise. We partner with a wide variety of manufacturers and cover a vast range of product sizes, grades, and materials, all manufactured within the network of our highly qualified and certified suppliers. We offer open-die forged and rolled parts from 150 kg to over 50 tons.


We source highest quality castings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our specialties include investment casting, sand casting, centrifugal (spin) casting and die casting, with part weights ranging from a few grams to 18 tons. The material is smelted according to the highest quality standards to ensure absolute compliance with the requirements and specific materials can be offered upon request.

Machining and Processing

We aim to provide our customers with finished and ready-to-assemble parts wherever possible. Hence, all our goods are available in pre-machined and finish machined condition, including final tests and 3.2 certificates. We are perfectly equipped to provide you with the best quality machining for a large number of materials and sizes.

Project Outsourcing Service

Profit from our years of experience and expertise. Our competent team will accompany you from the start of your project to the completed and ready-to-use final part. We cater to your specific needs and have expertise in a wide variety of sectors. Your project in our hands is a guarantor for customer satisfaction