Company Jubilee – INTEG Turns 50

Since its inception in 1973 a lot has happened at INTEG. Gone is the small trading company it once was at the heart of the Italian part of Switzerland. We have since moved to Zurich, been bought and sold back to the founders, extended our reach into the entire European market and grown in size. But some things have also stayed the same.

In 2023, we are turning 50. This is a great time for us to celebrate and to reflect on our values and our path ahead.


  1. Q: Where are your products sourced? A: Our products are sourced all over Europe. Everything we produce is guaranteed to comply with E.U. work regulations and to comply with environmental and ethical standards. 
  2. Q: What are your delivery conditions? A: All our products are delivered to your indicated delivery address and transportation is organized by us. Exceptions and changes can be made upon request.
  3. Q: What are the payment conditions with INTEG? A: For all our customers payment is generally expected in full within 30 days. In special cases we will allow longer payment time or ask for pre-payment of services. We are open to discuss any specific contracts with individual customers.